Planet Blupi (Planet Eggbert)

A delirious spell-binding game

Planet Blupi (known as Planet Eggbert too) is a strategy and adventure game. It subtly blends action with thought-provoking challenges. Behind the quiet and gentle facade, you'll enjoy a fascinating diversion full of surprises. Planet Blupi is ideal for ages 12 to 99.

The game was freed (source code and all media files) and ported to all major platforms (Linux, macOS and Windows) for it's 20th anniversary.

An HQ version is planned with higher resolutions and much better image quality in a near future. The current release (that you can download from this website) has mostly the same look and functionalities that the original version of 1997 but with a portable code and some bugfixes.

Scroll down in order to download the game.

Included languages:

  • English
  • US English
  • French (français)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Italian (italiano)
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Turkish (Türkçe)
  • Portuguese (português)
  • Hebrew (עברית)

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Blupi leads a quiet life on his planet until a strange meteorite crashes in a desert area.

Only much later does Blupi realise that his crops are being destroyed by huge spiders. Though he's always been a tough and healthy type, a weird virus has been causing him to sneeze and cough a lot lately.
What's going on ?

In fact, the meteorite is a spaceship. The only passenger on board is a mean-looking robot. Its goal is to build factories that produce a variety of aliens. Help Blupi use the resources of his beautiful planet to chase these invaders away !

The game

There are some 30 missions to figure out, ranging from really easy to completely mind-boggling.

The goals of the missions are varied: to grow food, to find a strategic point, to eradicate aliens, etc... You may need just one Blupi to accomplish the missions, or dozens !

  • Help Blupi to explore
  • Cut trees to produce boards and planks
  • Transport various materials
  • Build houses
  • Grow tomatoes
  • Pick flowers
  • Survey the ground
  • Extract iron ore
  • Devise traps
  • Throw bridges
  • Cure friends
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A cool interface

Planet Blupi's interface is designed to remain as discreet as possible, so you can have fun and concentrate on the game. There's no need for long strokes across the screen with the mouse. You don't waste time choosing buttons and artifacts from a large display somewhere out of reach.

A small zone on the left gives general information about the mission in progress. When you want Blupi to do a specific action, just click on the right spot in the scenery. A palette of actions available pops up, and you can make your choice. Actions are smooth and quick.

A limited series of optional exercises can be used to learn how to play the game.

A large selection of decors

Blupi's planet has 4 distinct areas :
  • Open prairie
  • Deep woods
  • Desert
  • Snowy landscape

Each mission is carried out in a vast area of 40'000 cells (200x200 square elements).

You can even allow you to draw the scenery, set the goals and create your own missions.

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What's new since 1997

This new version (since v1.9) is directly based on the last public release published in 1997. The rewrite was done in order to remove completely the dependencies on MS Windows and DirectX. The old code is based on Visual Studio 5 (a very old environment and compiler). This new version is based on the SDL2 libraries and supports at least three major operating systems and is built only with GCC or Clang. The MSVC toolchain is no longer supported because the dependencies handling is more painful that using MSYS2 under Windows.

New Add Portuguese, Turkish and Hebrew translations
New Polish translations 100% completed
New Improve a bit the performances
New Add wide screen support (it uses the desktop resolution with scaling)
New Add a new --legacy option for starting the game in 640x480 (original)
New Add more options to the global settings screen (legacy mode and anti-aliasing)
New Mouse right click on flowers is working
New Use SDL_kitchensink 1.x that adds Android support for videos (maybe more)
New Add emscripten support (experimental online version of the game is available)
New Add a man page for Linux (see planetblupi/planetblupi.1.ronn)
Bug Fix OpenGL ES2 support (very useful for Android support)
Bug Fix glitch where a dead Blupi or enemy can be seen when the screen is moving
Bug Disable smooth screen scroll with demo recording and playing
Bug It's no longer possible to build a mine without prospecting (see --restore-bugs)
Bug Fix a lot of old bugs with mouse hovers
Bug Fix old bug where it was possible to save a game which was never played
Bug When a Blupi or an enemy is killed by an explosion, the sound is stopped immediately (it was a common issue with a lot of gamers)
Bug Fix the sound with the help panel (only on mouse up)
Bug Fix the ALSA support when PulseAudio is not available (only on Linux)
New When a game is paused (by ESC), pressing ESC again will return to the game instead of exiting (it prevents to lose your current game)
New Add all Polish text translations (sounds still missing)
New The scrolling is smooth by default (like Blupimania), you can restore the previous behaviour by setting the mouse scrolling speed to 3
New Release for x86-32 version of Windows (>= Windows Vista)
New Replace by default all midi music files by ogg/vorbis files (same music with all OS), it can be changed with the global settings screen
New add a way to force an other driver for the renderer, see --driver option
New The window zoom and the fullscreen mode is saved in the user preferences
Bug Improve support for multi-displays systems
Bug Fix a lot of buggy animations with the disciple (helper robot)
Bug Fix buggy textures on macOS when the game is not loaded in fullscreen
Bug Fix paving stones goal with a number of blupi different of 4
New Add full Italian language support
Bug Fix a regression with the difficult skill level (it was possible to win some missions without playing)
New Add --zoom command line argument and config.json setting for running the game with the size window factor of 2 (when windowed)
New Increase the difficulty for the difficult skill level, see here
Bug Fix the bug where it was possible to carry a trapped enemy (see --restore-bugs option)
Bug Fix editor bug where it was possible to have tower rays with all buildings (see --restore-bugs option)
New Whole source-code and media files under GPL3+ license
New Add support of GNU/Linux and macOS
New Add a partial support for recording a mission (see --help option)
New Handle decor shifting with multiple keys (arrows)
New Integrate all languages via gettext (no more separated executable by language)
New Add a checker for new versions (text update blinking on the home screen)
New Add a new global settings screen
New Use a static build (should work for years on all operating systems)
Bug Fix cases where a Blupi can disappear
Bug Fix ghost Blupi, he can build a tower or a wall only if it's energy is at least greater or equal 1/2
Bug Fix bug where Blupi can enter in a workshop without action
Bug Fix energy leaking when Blupi is walking to build a tower or a wall
Bug Fix tooltip with the electro factory
Bug Fix the disciple when it's trying to block the electro factory
Bug Fix the bug of object duplicating (see --restore-bugs option)
Bug Fix the bug where it's possible to take the control of an enemy (see --restore-bugs option)
Bug Fix a menu buttons bug with the factory

For the next major release (v2+)

It's planned to have a major release with high definitions sprites and cutscenes.

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GNU/Linux // x86-64

It should work on "all" GNU/Linux distributions.

Standalone AppImage version, just add the executable flag and play.

If you prefer, an official Debian package is available here. For Slackware, look at

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macOS // x86-64

macOS ≥ 10.9.

Open the DMG image, copy the game in the Applications directory or where you want or execute directly from the image.

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Windows // x86

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, ...

Windows version which can be installed with this NSIS installer. Just start the game with the shortcut installed in you start menu.

If possible, prefer the x86-64 version.

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HTML // js

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ...

Experimental online version compiled to WebAssembly and JavaScript. The WebAssembly version is prefered (faster). But on "older" web browsers, WebAssembly is not supported and maybe the asm.js works fine.

Join the community

The whole source-code and all media files are available on GitHub.

Feel free to donate something if you want. The money will be used for paying the hosting, domains and the certificates for example. It's not intended to be used for stuff unrelated to the Blupi games. (For CoLoBoT, Buzzing Cars and Blupimania 2, please look at


Planet Blupi and all resource files are licensed to the GPLv3+ license.

This game is an original creation of Epsitec SA and Daniel Roux.

Developers 1997 Daniel Roux and Denis Dumoulin
2017-2019 Mathieu Schroeter
Voices 1997 Daniel Roux, David Besuchet, Michael Walz and Garry Goodman
Translators 1997 Christian Alleyn, Michael Walz, David Besuchet, Cedric Freeman, Adrienne Magnin and Wendy de Pauli
2005 Rodolfo Andrade de Oliveira and Vanessa Alexandre Vieira
2017 Catia Guidi and Mateusz Lis
2019 punctdan, TheShwarma and BLooperZ
Missions 1997 Daniel Roux, Adrien Roux and Denis Dumoulin
Testers 1997 Denis Dumoulin, Adrien Roux, Michael Walz, René Beuchat, Pierre Arnaud, Michèle Cottler, Arnaud Cottler, Daniel Durussel, Audrey Durussel, Laurianne Durussel, Philippe Menu, Michael Bloch, Florian Stutzmann, Fabrice Bodmer, Rachel Besuchet, Pauline Rochat, Antoine Richoy, Fabrice Marquis, Steve Guex, Simon Lopez, David Piot, Yves Burgos and Jeremy Kull

List of statically linked libraries

argagg MIT simple C++11 command line argument parser
FFmpeg LGPLv2.1 complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video
GNU/ gettext GPLv3 an i18n and l10n system commonly used for writing multilingual programs
libasound LGPLv2.1 provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system
libcurl MIT/X derivate a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library
GNU/ libiconv GPLv3 a standardized API used to convert between different character encodings
libogg own license a free, open container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation
libpng own license the official PNG reference library
libpulse LGPLv2.1 API for the PulseAudio network-capable sound server program
libsndfile LGPLv3 a C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound
libvorbis own license a free and open-source software project headed by the Xiph.Org Foundation
SDL_kitchensink MIT Simple SDL2 / FFmpeg library for audio/video playback written in C99
SDL2 zlib license a cross-platform software library designed to provide a HAL to computer multimedia hardware
SDL2_image zlib license an image loading library that is used with the SDL library
SDL2_mixer zlib license a sound mixing library that is used with the SDL library
zlib own license a Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library