Blupi Games (Eggbert Games)

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It's the new official website for all Epsitec SA games.

Is it really free? Seriously?
Yes, all games can be downloaded freely. It's official and legal. With some games, the source-code is available, see this thread.

You should download in priority the releases provided by this website on top of this page instead of the archives section. The CoLoBoT game is actively developed by the TerranovaTeam. It's no longer maintained by Epsitec SA since 2014. Note that this team own the main repositories for the Buzzing Cars and Blupimania 2 source-codes too. No release are available for these games, then it makes sense to continue to download the archives in this case.

About Planet Blupi, it's a bit different. The official repositories are not really maintained by Epsitec SA, but just by one employee which is working on the games as hobbyist. Nothing new about the game is done under the Epsitec SA name.

Feel free to donate something if you want. The money will be used for paying the hosting, domains and the certificates for example. It's not intended to be used for stuff unrelated to the Blupi games. (For CoLoBoT, Buzzing Cars and Blupimania 2, please look at

Epsitec SA remains the owner of Colobot, CeeBot, BuzzingCars and Blupi names. Daniel Roux is the father of Blupi and all games.


In this section you will find the ISO images and the manuals of most Epsitec SA games (last Epsitec SA releases). If possible, prefer the new releases at the top of this page. Please, don't report bugs for archived games because it's no longer maintained!

All images are compressed with 7zip; look at

With all DOS games, choose the Sound Blaster as sound card when playing with DosBox. Do not choose Sound Blaster Pro which is not working fine.

Game Version OS Image (7z) Type Music (7z) Manual (PDF)
Blupi at Home v2.0 (1999) Win en fr de it es pt CD
Blupi at Home (legacy) v1.0 (1995) DOS en fr de CD en fr de
Blupi Explorer (legacy) v2.4 (1994-1995) DOS en FD
Blupimania v1.5 (1994-1996) DOS en fr .fd v1.3 de CD, FD en fr de
Blupimania 2 v1.3 (2003) Win en fr de CD en fr de
Buzzing Cars v1.3 (2002) Win en fr de CD en fr
CeeBot-A v1.17 (2002) Win en fr de CD en fr de
en fr de  (school version) CD
CeeBot-Teen v1.17 (2003) Win en fr de CD en fr de
en fr de  (school version) CD
CeeBot-3 v1.3 (2003) Win en de CD en fr de
CeeBot-4 v2.0 (2004) Win en fr de CD en fr de
CoLoBoT v1.18 (2001) Win en fr de pl .v1.9 CD .flac en .adv fr .adv .cbot .net
Fun with Blupi v1.0 (2000) Win fr CD fr .cd
Planet Blupi v1.7, 1.8 (1997) Win en en_US fr de it CD en fr de es
Speedy Blupi v1.0 (1998) Win en en_US fr de CD en fr de
Speedy Blupi 2 v2.2 (2001) Win en en_US fr de CD en fr de